lunes, 18 de septiembre de 2017

So, that was it.

We were, like, on this side of the road.

And, like, they came.

Oh boy, it was sick.

And you know when


At night – mate, it was lit.

So she is like

Give me the zoot

And you can just think

She is the most beautiful creature on earth.

I promise.

She has that nosequé, esa gracia y esa agudeza.

Because, mate, she is so fucking smart. Like so intelligent.

She can say anything she wants however she wants. She is always so right, especially when she is not.

But, you know, when people are like - pretentious. She is not.

I mean, she is, but she does it such a sleek way. Cremita colega.

I promise.

She fucking amazes me every single day.

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